19nine Office Fits

With the drop of The 19nine Vintage Hoodie™ coming tomorrow we threw together some shots of our fits that we rock around 19nine HQ every day.  We are beyond excited to get these hoodies out to our fans and see what kind of 19nine fit you put together.

Gotta start at the top with the man responsible for making all the 19nine designs you love a reality.  Matt has been our Creative Director for a long ass time now putting in free lance hours late into the night for a few years before we could hire him full time.  For his fit he went with the UNLV hoodie so he could match it up with his Jordan 4s.  He actually hit on those 4s on the SNKRS app while at HQ and celebrated like he had won the NBA Finals.  Amongst ourselves we decided Matt won the Battle of the Office Fits even though he got that coaches jacket from EJ...

As our Print Specialist Andrew handles all the printing of our custom cut and sew t-shirts and hoodies that will be available on 19nine.com soon.  There are 3 things I really respect about Andrew. 1- he carries his Field Notes with him around the office as if any of us say anything important enough to write down, 2- he's the only person in our office that would have actually taken the time to read the manuals for all our new equipment from front to back and 3-he's managed to conceal that knife from us for over 2 months until this photo shoot.  Go Huskies!   

This man bugged the shit out of me for 3 months until I finally responded and told him to come on down to HQ and meet us.  From that day forward Seth has continued to take on a larger role within 19nine and we are very lucky to have him. Truth be told he's usually rocking Birkenstock's around the office but he does love any and all forms of Air Max's.  His Air Max 90s mashup perfect with our vintage BIG EAST hoodie. 

EJ, as he's known around HQ, is not only the dude that answers all our customers questions but also all of our employees questions.  He's also by far the funniest dude at 19nine as long as you don't talk to him in the mornings.  EJ may have put together the cleanest fit of all of us.  The Five Star hoodie is dope as hell and even though we've never seen him wear those Wave Runners it all comes together nicely.  Side note: He also never uses that Hydro Flask.

DP is Matt's partner in crime and the other half of the dynamic duo that brings 19nine designs to life.  Luckily for us Darius stayed in Evansville after running track for USI and we were able to scoop him up early this past summer.  Repping his hometown of Louisville if this was a shoot where we all had to wear our shit DP (who is our main model in our videos and shoots) wins easily.  He snuck those 12s in on us too.  What else you hiding Darius?

It's fitting that my layout is the busiest.  I'm a bit of a pack rat especially when it comes to basketball posters, magazines, books, corduroy Final Four hats, sneakers, Starting Line Up figurines, the list goes on and on.  I had to go with the Larry Legend hoodie because we don't have a Steve Alford one.  I've also wanted 19nine to do retro gym bags forever and we finally did so I had to show love by adding it to my fit.

The 19nine Vintage Hoodie™ drops tomorrow.  You can find these designs and more exclusively on 19nine.com at 11am est.