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Final Four Moments

Posted on March 31 2019

It's Final(ly) here!  The Final Four tips off Saturday in Minneapolis and in the week leading up to it High Volume Shooters and 19nine will be bringing you a new vlog each day along with giveaways on our social media!  Be sure to follow 19nine on Instagram here so you can enter for a chance to win.  In the meantime enjoy some blasts from Final Four past with H.V.S.  New vlogs added daily... 

1979: Michigan St. vs. Indiana St.

The game that started it all.  It remains the most watched National Championship game of all time and gave us a rivalry that would last another 12 years in the NBA.  Bird vs. Magic.  Classic.

2000: Michigan State vs. Florida

The Flintstones give Tom Izzo his first National Championship over Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and the Florida Gators.  Remarkably, this is the last title a Big Ten team has won.

1981: Indiana vs. North Carolina

Isiah Thomas and Coach Knight get the better of Dean Smith and the North Carolina Tarheels on the day President Reagan was shot.

2008: Memphis vs. UCLA

A match-up of point gods and #1 seeds never really lived up to the hype as Derrick Rose, CDR and company took care of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and the rest of the Bruins 78-63.

1989: Seton Hall vs. Duke

Seton Hall puts a stamp on their emergence as a force to be reckon with on the national stage with its 95-78 beat down of the Blue Devils.

1990: UNLV vs. Georgia Tech

This one had it all.  Lethal Weapon 3 for Georgia Tech against Grandmama, Plastic Man, Tark and the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV.  With UNLV's beat down of Duke coming 2 days later, this Final Four match-up became the defacto National Championship game.

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