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H.V.S. Reacts | NCAA Moves 3pt Line

Posted on June 12 2019


Living In The World of 3's

Mild Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to spoil some of the HBO Series Chernobyl or the next 5 years of NCAA basketball you may want to stop now. 


Baseball has these different eras. It has seemed that other sports have avoided or just not had eras distinct enough to draw those lines. The Steroid Era, The Deadball Era, etc. The NBA has reached the point where years down the road this will be known as the three-point era assuming something comes after this. The NCAA just moved the three-point line back to create more space. What I believe they did unintentionally is set up the circumstances to accelerate the three-point era in the NCAA as well.

If you haven't already you need to watch Chernobyl on HBO, It's an astonishing piece of work. How does this relate to what I'm saying? Let me explain. The essence of the nuclear disaster was a failed safety test. The reason for the failure was a fail-safe button much like the one the NCAA just pushed. The logic of the button in the Russian reactor was that by pushing it you shut down the reactor, a fail-safe. The problem was the design was flawed and what the button really did was exacerbate the disaster. They didn't realize it until too late and the reactor exploded. 

The NCAA might have just made the same mistake. The logic, in this case, goes if we move the line back we will have fewer threes because there is more room to operate so we will diversify the game. In reality, they just devalued two-point shots besides layups and dunks to the same degree as the NBA. You now need to take a higher volume of threes and because of the added space, any two pointers besides a layup or a dunk is just stupid. 


I'm not going to argue straight away this good or bad but I do think it is something to watch. The NBA makes up for this strange floor space with absolutely elite shooters and highlight reel dunks. I'm not sure the NCAA can compete on those grounds or at least because of the much larger number of participants it may take a much longer time to select out the types of players that just will not succeed in the new era. As an IU fan, I'm terrified of De'Ron Davis. His game wasn't that well suited for basketball before the rule change. His game now is taking the worst shot on the floor. He shoots neither layups nor dunks, he is the NCAA equivalent of Al Jefferson. Where is Al Jefferson you might ask? Is he retired? Is he lounging his $23,000 bed? No, he played last year in China. He's 34 so he should still be able to play in the NBA in a PJ Brown or David West type role on a team, except he can't. He shoot the most ineffective shot in basketball, the nerds figured it out, and now he has no marketable NBA skill.


The show concludes with one of the scientists taking a stand for fixing the reactors before another disaster occurs. I am not in the camp that this is a disaster for basketball or that there is anything that needs to be fixed immediately. Then again we may be unknowling heading towards basketball Chernobyl. The reactor explosion that consists entirely of people between 6'4" and 6'9" chucking threes and eventually shots from a four point line. If we do get there I don't think that's as entertaining a game as what we watch today.  Of course on the bright side this is entertainment and not the fate of the world. Seriously Russia what were you doing.


Aaron Meyer

Blogger | H.V.S.

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