Basketball is Life Bracket

The Basketball is Life Bracket is here! Starting Thursday, June 9th at 11am est the 1st Round will begin.  Here's how the tournament works... 

-Each time a school specific Basketball is Life shirt is ordered that school will be awarded points (regardless of which color option you choose). 

-Each round will start at 11am est and end at 8am est the following day.  The Championship round is the exception.  See below. 

-19nine will update scores throughout each day on our Twitter feed which you can follow by clicking here

-Winners of each match-up will continue to advance based on total accumulated sales of their Basketball is Life shirt from the 1st Round on until a champion is crowned on Sunday night at 8pm est. 

The key to your team winning is spreading the word however you can to rack up more points for your favorite school!  We can't wait to see how it plays out.  Good Luck! -19nine