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H.V.S. Classics | UNC at Duke '98

Posted on July 02 2019

ACC Regular Season Finale | February 28, 1998 

Announcers:  Brent Musberger and Dick Vitale

#3 North Carolina- 75

Starters: C- A. Okulaja | F- V. Carter | F- A. Jamison | G- S. Williams |G- E. Cota

#1 Duke- 77

Starters: C- S. Battier | F- R. McLeod | F- R. Price | G- T. Langdon | G- S. Wojciechowski

This game sticks out to me because I was a pretty big Duke fan in high school and we had an out of town game the night of February 28.  I remember getting bits and pieces of this game on the bus ride on one of those janky ass portable TV/Radio things that you had to keep adjusting the antenna to improve or get a signal.  The dude sitting behind me had it and we kept dicking with that thing for the better part of the 2nd half.  Of course I was recording it on my parents VCR back at the house to watch when I got home but I needed to see this shit in real time.

Roshown McLeod was my guy and he was cooking!  I was letting the whole bus know about it too.  Both teams were loaded with talent, Carolina had blown Duke out a couple weeks earlier, Elton Brand was just back from a broken foot, and this was Wojo's last home game on Senior Night.  This one had all the makings of a classic and lived up to the hype.  I've probably watched it 100 times since that day.  About to make it 101... -JB

Best Play - 1:26:24 Vince Carter with the And-1 shows the emotion he had when he was playing at his best. People talked this year about how Zion should've had the ball more. How in the world did Carter average only 15 points a game? 

 Best Retro Style - The baggy shorts. Everyone has shorts below their knees. They look out of place today this style is destined to come back around. 

 Very Solid Play of the Game - 29:23 Wojo makes a simple steal by coming up from underneath to take the ball from Haywood. This prompted the play-by-play announcer to declare Wojo as, "One of my favorite players of all time." 

Best Announcer Commentary - 58:44 Ball swings from side to side and hits Jamison in the post. When was the last time you saw an undersized player willingly posting up and utilizing quickness to beat bigger defenders time after time? Vitale - "Forget about it, Forget about it, Forget about it, the guy is absolutely super. Awesome baby with a capital A." 

Coaching Moment - I wondered at the start of the game why Vince Carter wasn't starting. He was one of my favorite players in NCAA history. There is a throwaway line by the commentators that he has a 6 man starting rotation and goes by alphabetical order. What!? 

Half-Assed Internet Research - Shammond Williams became the very first collegiate athlete to have a website dedicated to him on the World Wide Web. He is a cousin of former basketball player Kevin Garnett and Godfather to current Knick Mitchell Robinson. I love the internet. 

Would this game be better with Bill Walton as the color commentator - Tough call here because Dickie V owns the Duke vs. UNC corner. It would take Walton slipping something in his drink to cut in and a three-person team with those two would put even the most die-hard fans in a coma. I'm going to go with no. 

Would these teams be good today - This one is easy. Both of these teams were incredible and would be incredible. I think the most incredible thing about this game is that Vince Carter is still playing in the NBA. That's right it's been 21 years that guy is still hooping. - The Duke team was a bit younger but no less talented. 5 guys who saw time in the NBA and stud role players to compliment them. To call this team cerebral would be an understatement. They've got three future coaches and two NBA GMs and Shane Battier who is currently Director of Basketball Analytics and Development for the NBA. An amazing team. 

Who gets the game ball - The ball goes to Antawn Jamison scored a double-double with 22 points and 18 rebounds. He was an incredible player to watch. I patterned part of what I wanted to do on the court to his game. He got off the floor so quickly on his second jump that he would shock opponents. Simple but effective use of his athleticism. -AM


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