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H.V.S. Classics | Georgetown vs. Georgia Tech '95

Posted on August 21 2019

Pre-Season NIT Semifinals  | November 22, 1995

Madison Square Garden, New York , New York

Georgetown - 94

Starters: Allen Iverson | Victor Page | Othella Harington | Jerome Williams | Boubacar Aw

Georgia Tech - 72

Starters: Stephon Marbury | Michael Maddox | Matt Harpering | Drew Barry | Eddie Elisma


It was a battle of diaper dandies with Dicky V on the call. Though Iverson was a sophomore that was still young for college in the 90s. In this game, Iverson certainly had the upper hand but there were glimpses of the ability and promise that Marbury would fulfill until off the court oddities derailed his career. 

Iverson had such an Iverson game in this one. He had 23 points but also managed 6 assists and 5 steals. Marbury didn't have a memorable game but did show off his defensive skills as well snagging 7 steals in the game including 6 in the first half. I always watch for steals at the college level. If you are an elite athlete you will get steals at a high volume. 

The game was decided by the power of The Hoyas who controlled the glass throughout the game ending up with a 45-24 rebound advantage.


Best Retro Style - Is everything a choice here. Both uniforms all of the shoes. I'll go with the Georgia Tech shorts simply because I was a bigger Marbury fan at the time than Iverson and would've loved to have a pair. 

 Half-Assed Internet Research - Iverson was fearless. In this game manages to collide with Matt Harpring and injure his left hand. This had been preceded already this season by a strained right shoulder and 8 stitches to his left eye. 

 Best Play - Got to do two here one for AI and one for Marbury 

Marbury - 20:30 He crosses up AI and then shows tremendous strength in finishing. Reall shows all that he had to offer. Vitale's call was fun on this one too. 

 AI - 50:34 It looks like he is going to steal teh ball every time he is near a player dribbling. He doesn't get it but as soon as the shot goes up knowing the kind of rebounding advantage they have he is off to the races. Othella throws a great outlet pass for a dunk.

 Very Solid Play of the Game - 15:50 I love Marbury coming from behind to steal it from Iverson then turning on a dime and going to the other end for the almost And1. 

 Best Announcer Commentary - 18:13 It might not be the most exciting moment of the game but it is emblematic of Vitale's style. He is able to infuse excitement even to a simple play. "There's my guy Jerome Williams he's hustling, he wants to sell popcorn, he wants to do it all. he's got that Washington look with those high socks, Jerome a real Windex eater, a glass man. There he is, look at this hustle look at that leap. He says bring out Michael Powell, bring out Powell."


Would this game be better with Bill Walton as the color commentator - Vitale brought a lot of energy to this game but Big Bill would've been fun here too. I always enjoy hearing his descriptions of players. He is more original than and interesting than Vitale's canned platitudes.


Coaching Moment - I've got to give credit to Vitale on this one. He suggests taking Marbury out after a couple of misques. It is what Cremins doesn't do. He doesn't take him out he isn't able to take Barry out even after the ankle sprain. This is either a team that lacks depth or a coach that lacks trust in the rest of his team. 

 Would these teams be good today - There is no doubt that both of these teams would have been incredible today. They each had multiple future NBA players. Georgetown especially would have been a bit of a throwback with their big guys who played big but with Iverson leading the way they'd figure it out. 

 Who gets the game ball - Iverson gets it on this one. He was a warrior throughout his career and showed it here. 23 points, 6 assists, 5 steals. Just a relentless player.


Josh Barnett

H.V.S. | 19NINE

Aaron Meyer

"The Suit" | H.V.S.

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