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H.V.S. Superstars Part 2

Posted on April 18 2019

Sometimes being a fan means thinking about what you loved in the past and just talking about what it meant to you. It can also mean spending some of your hard earned free time sifting through highlight packages trying to match old with new. This burst of videos came out of a simple question. Did you love the old NBA Superstars Videos that came with your Sports Illustrated sub back in the 90s? The answer for Josh and I was an emphatic, yes!. The next step was using some of the old songs from those NBA videos with today's player that they fit the best.  

Take a look back at Volume 1 here.

Enjoy Volume 2...

Magic Man

There is no doubt that the producers of this clip package thought that Magic would be dead before the video came out. It's hard to believe that 30 years later he's probably outlived some of the producers of said video. He's a true testemant to perseverance and his game is a testemant to the artistry of basketball. This was a no brainer. Also if you've made it this far you're totally on board with this concept and may write the NBA as I did encouraging them to bring back the Superstars series.

LeBron - Winning It All

LeBron's sole purpose from here on out is winning it all. He's at the top of the mountain looking down or off into the distance. The only peaks now are filled with the ghosts of the past. I never thought in my lifetime I would consider, even entertain a conversation about who was the greatest basketball player of all time. For me it would and would always be Jordan. This guy has put a seed of doubt in my mind. 


The best athletes in the world have a way of making you believe that their sport is easy. Pippen had that effortless quality that allowed him to compete at the highest level on both ends of the floor while always seeming in control. While he was a prototype of the wings we know today he seemed like an alien in the 90s. Of course playing on my favorite team with my favorite player of all time helps too. 


Kawhi is simply Pippen 2.0. I put the question to Josh recently if you were starting a team who would you take. He was reluctant but he admitted that he'd take Kawhi and that says a lot because Pippen is right up there with his favorite players ever. Kawhi's offensive game is just so solid in every area that he is an perenial MVP Candidate when healthy.

Aaron Meyer & Josh Barnett

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