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H.V.S. | The Second Season

Posted on April 18 2019


The Second Season

There are a lot of people who quibble with the end of the NBA season. Those people are right. I have adopted a strategy that allows me to enjoy NBA Basketball unencumbered by the game theory-driven, tankapaolooza, load management portion of the season starting at about mid march. Are you ready for it? I stop watching and watch the NCAA Tournament which is the best version of College Basketball and heaps of fun. I know this may seem heretical and I don't stop listening to podcasts or watching highlights.  Also, if my Bulls were better or if they get Zion in the upcoming draft (More on the draft soon) I will be erasing these statements post haste. 

Good news though, the doldrums are over. It is now time for The Second Season or if you haven't tuned into the NBA this year it's time to pay attention. The level of basketball on display the next two months is unequivocally the best basketball on the planet and this year much like the NCAA tournament we will have some new blood in the finals and lots of new faces in the conference finals. We will be back after the round 1 to update the picks and pick winners for subsequent rounds.


Western Conference


Here's where we start with the new blood and no that's not a Game of Thrones reference. One of the following teams will be in the Western Confernce Finals (Nuggets, Spurs, Blazers, Thunder). That's just how the bracket lines up. 

Clippers vs. Warriors

I am not going to spend much time on this one. It would take Cousins getting into a fight with KD and Draymond and in the process stepping on Curry's ankle to change the outcome of this series. Warriors break out the brooms for a first round sweep. 

Nuggets vs. Spurs

I love this series. These type of series happen all the time in the NBA. You have the grizzled Pop vs. the upstart Nuggets. There is no doubt Jokic is going to be fun to watch will he be able to control the series. I picked against the San Antonio in the regular season. Not here, they teach the Nuggets a lesson. Spurs in 7

Blazers vs. Thunder

Everyone will be picking this as there upset. I'm climbing aboard the bandwagon. As long as PG is healthy they fight through this series with Lillard taking a couple of games because he's amazing. Thunder in 6. 

Rockets vs. Jazz

This series was set up by all the game theory and shenanigans. I hate that two of the better teams in the whole league end up in a round one match up but ask Duke sometimes you end up in a tough bracket. Eventually, you have to beat the best teams. This is going to be the Highest Volume Shooter ever (That's you, James Harden). Just a quick aside he took 1,028 threes or 13.2 per game this year. Just let that sink in that may never happen again in the NBA. Our true High Volume Shooter MVP. I'm sticking with him and going Rockets in 7.


Eastern Conference


The Eastern Conference will have a new champion this year. I'm excited to track the rise of the next great NBA Superstar (Giannis), see if the Raptors can finally break through, if Philly is ready, or if the Celtics can somehow right the ship. 

Bucks vs. Pistons

They should make quick work of the Pistons. I'm not sure a healthy Blake would've made a big difference but a hurt Blake makes the Pistons much worse. Bucks in 4. I'm ready for some Giannis highlights. 

Raptors vs. Magic

The Raptors have perpretually underperformed in the playoffs. They are like the anti-Spurs. This year just feels different. It might just be the presence of Kawhi. The Magic are just happy to be here. They do have one of the best defenses in the league over the bast month. I'm saying they steal and ugly one.  Raptors in 5. 

Sixers vs. Nets

I really want to pick the Nets here. They have been fun to watch all year. They've got a shot in this series if the big guys is hurt. If Embiid is healthy the Sixers will bulldoze these guys like Lori Loughlin getting her kids into college. I'm going to assume he plays and pick the Sixers in 6. 

Celtics vs. Pacers

The Pacers were a wonderful story without my boy Olidopo. That story comes to an end here. The Celtics for all there warts and now a Marcus Smart injury still have enough to get past the Pacers. Celtics in 6

The Second Season is long 60 games in 60 nights. If you stay tuned in you will be rewarded with the best version of NBA Basketball. I cannot wait!



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