Ole Miss Square Jam

Though October in Oxford, Mississippi, is for football, that doesn't mean hoops can't squeeze into the action. 

On October 12, 2012, Ole Miss and the City of Oxford combined to host the inaugural Square Jam to kick off the college basketball season. A full-length basketball court was laid on The Square directly in front of Oxford’s City Hall and then illuminated with lights for a distinct twist on the Midnight Madness-styled events commonplace across the college basketball landscape.  

More than 2,500 fans filled The Square that Friday night in 2012 to view members of the Ole Miss men’s and women’s basketball teams participate in Knockout and a three-point contest, while some members of the men’s squad competed in a dunk contest. The novel event concluded Ole Miss’ Homecoming festivities and followed the annual parade.  

While Square Jam proved popular and often paired with homecoming to give the weekend extra juice, the event was discontinued in 2016 and 2017 before making a triumphant return in 2018. 

“Square Jam is one of the coolest concepts to tip off a season in college basketball,” Ole Miss men’s coach Kermit Davis proclaimed ahead of the event’s 2018 resurrection. “Hoops outside on the iconic Oxford Square is a fantastic combination.” 

Over the years, Ole Miss has added onto the event, incorporating skills competitions, autograph sessions, a DJ, and a kids dunk contest for hoopers under age 7 to further enliven the unique event, solidify Ole Miss’ ties to its fans, and give hoops some love amid the pigskin season.