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H.V.S. Superstars Part 1

Posted on January 02 2019

Sometimes being a fan means thinking about what you loved in the past and just talking about what it meant to you. It can also mean spending some of your hard earned free time sifting through highlight packages trying to match old with new. This burst of videos came out of a simple question. Did you love the old NBA Superstars Videos that came with your Sports Illustrated sub back in the 90s? The answer for Josh and I was an emphatic, yes!. The next step was using some of the old songs from those NBA videos with today's player that they fit the best.  

Here's what we've come up with for our first installment.  More to come soon...

Larry Legend

This was my favorite of the early videos. Like any white kid from Indiana, I loved Larry Bird and though I missed a lot of the highlights that are shown here this allowed me to feel a part of the transcendent era of his career as his back crippled him when I became old enough to follow the NBA.  But you know Larry Bird couldn't be packaged into just one highlight package so if you have some free time check out his "Winning It All" video from NBA Superstars 2 as well. 

Luka Legend?

Two quick things: 1- I hate matching a white player with another white player for comparison.  It's dumb. The NBA Draft is guilty of doing this all the time in their "This drafted player reminds of this old NBA legend or current NBA player" features.  It pisses me off.  But now I've done it because Doncic really does remind me of Larry Bird.  Long sigh....

2- He isn't really from a small town but if you are like us you probably don't know shit about Ljubljana anyways so just pretend it is small.  

However, Luka Doncic, in my opinion, the most exciting player of the last two years and the best player to come into the league since Giannis. 

OG Warrior

Size, speed, power, nastiness.  A warrior possesses all of those traits and uses them to his advantage.  For those of us that remember Charles Barkley the player not Charles Barkley the analyst, we couldn't imagine a better song/player match-up.  Sir Charles was an incredible athlete for his size and played with a ferocity that made him most worthy of the title The Warrior. 

Ultimate Warrior

This was perhaps the easiest of the videos to pair. For 82 games plus the Playoffs Russell Westbrook plays pissed off.  Throw the money, endorsements and fame out the window.  At the end of the day this dude competes.  At all times.  Does he take some bad shots? Who doesn't?  And who cares? I've often thought the thing that separates the great players from the very good players in the NBA is motivation.  How do you stay hungry with generational wealth?  Ask Russell Westbrook. 

Just Getting Started

This song wasn't on any of the NBA Superstars Series videos but it was on the 1990-1991 Chicago Bulls Championship video and we thought it was perfect for Giannis.  As good as he is now you get the feeling that he's just getting started.  Still learning.  Still improving.  That's scary as shit for the rest of the league.  

Giannis is the quintessential player for any highlight package. He is every combination of unreal athleticism and unbelievable skill for a human being his size. The Greek Freak is an H.V.S. favorite and a player we think can dominate the NBA for a very long time.                

Aaron Meyer & Josh Barnett

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