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Posted on March 28 2019

Through the years we've collected a lot of stuff related to basketball.  In this recurring blog we will feature some of that stuff, the stories behind how we got it, and the reason we love it.  Our guess is that we aren't alone in our passion to collect things that are connected to the greatest game ever invented so please feel free to email us at for a chance for your item and story to be featured in our next blog.  Enjoy!

1979 Final Four Banner

A few years ago this banner was put up for auction by Michigan State when they were renovating their basketball practice facility.  We obviously had to have it.  So we set our budget around $275 if I remember correctly based off what the other banners had gone for.

We ended up going above that because we obviously had to have it.  I think we ended up paying around $345 and celebrated like we had just won the National Championship.  That's my driveway in the background.  This thing is HUGE and AWESOME!


Larry Bird Autograph

My grandpa, Bill Taylor, loved the Celtics and LOVED Larry Bird.  So when I went to Boston with my parents when I was 8 or so we can this picture taken on the street for him.  

He hung it at his work desk and when the Legend himself came into to Strouse's in Evansville to have my grandpa fit him for a couple of suits he had him sign it to me.  I've had it every since, although it could use an updated framing...


Aaron Meyer & Josh Barnett

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