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Welcome to High Volume Shooters (H.V.S.)

Posted on June 18 2018

Welcome to our blog, High Volume Shooters.  My name is Josh Barnett and I’ve teamed up with a friend of mine, Aaron Meyer, to create a basketball blog for

Ever since 19nine came into existence I've struggled with finding a way to connect to our followers outside of when we launch new schools and apparel.  It shouldn't have taken this long to figure out a blog with its own social media accounts is an easy way to do just that.

Picking a partner was easy.  Aaron and I talk hoops essentially everyday and we each have our own way of thinking which leads to great debates and funny conversation.  He is an analytics guy.  Can break down salary cap, max deals, win shares, etc.  Me?  I'm a feel guy.  In my basketball world passing the "eye test" is very important.  Our common thread is our love for the game so it seems like a perfect fit for us to both contribute to this blog.

What can you expect from High Volume Shooters?  Our goal is to generate conversations centered around the culture of basketball.  That can bleed over into fashion and music and isn't limited to just the college game or the NBA.  We want to share some of our own stories that involve the game and want to hear about yours as well.  As we get going we aim to include videos, podcasts, and interviews in addition to traditional blog posts like this one.  

In addition to the H.V.S. blog we will be posting basketball related content on our Instagram and Twitter pages.  That's also where we will direct people from the blog to continue the discussion.  Please give us a follow by clicking the icons at the bottom of the post!

Look for the first real blog post coming in the next week or so!  In the meantime...

Keep chuckin' it from deep!

Josh Barnett

Blogger | 19NINE

Aaron Meyer

Blogger | H.V.S.

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