An Ode to Eastbay

Roll Back the Clock with 19nine

If you have been following us over the years you probably know by now that we are suckers for nostalgia.  We built an entire company around nostalgia and the things we loved growing up.  One of those things was Eastbay magazine.  

In the early '90s Eastbay was the only way for many of us in small towns across the United State to get fan gear.  This was before Amazon, eBay, Fanatics and even the internet.  In each magazine there was an order form and/or a phone number that you could call to place your order.

I don't even know how Eastbay originally found my address or my friends addresses to get their mags in our hands but once we had got a taste we were hooked.  Matt, who works for us at 19nine, and I would pass Eastbay's back and forth during passing periods or class in high school.  

Me: "New Eastbay came last night.  Here you go.  If you could get two things in the whole magazine what would they be?  Circle it during Spanish and give it back to me and I'll do the same."

He's the only other person I really remember doing that with which makes sense because we now run our own sports apparel company together.  Funny how that works out.  

When Eastbay went out of rotation a couple years ago a part of our childhood died.  No doubt it had run its course with everything displayed in it having been on the internet for months in advance.  It doesn't matter though, we still miss it.  

So we wanted to pay homage to Eastbay in the best way we knew how.  We are going to roll back our prices to match some of the early day Eastbay prices starting on Friday, September 1st.  We also are giving a nod to the old magazine through our promotional graphics and free t-shirt when you spend over $125 with us during the sale.  

While this is our first ode to an iconic magazine this year it certainly won't be our last.  Bigger news coming soon...

Josh, 19nine