About Us

19nine | Celebrating History on the Hardwood since 2011 | Indianapolis, Indiana  

Hardwood History™
19nine knows college basketball. We know the history, the rivalries, the championships, the nicknames, the eras, the legendary players and the historic coaches. This is, always has been, and forever will be our passion. We channel that knowledge and passion to create original designs tailored to the nostalgia of the epic moments in college basketball history.

Retro College Basketball Shorts
Remember Magic’s Spartans squaring off versus Bird’s Sycamores in ‘79? Alford and Knight’s Hoosiers of ‘87? Big Dog’s Boilermakers of ‘94? When Memphis was Memphis State and had “Penny” running point in ‘91? Michigan State’s Flint Stones cutting down the nets in 2000?

We do. That's why we exist. To provide you with a replica of some of the best shorts of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. 19nine is the leading manufacturer of retro college basketball shorts in the United States.

Our shorts feature a heavy, “in-game” feel thanks to our proprietary double ply aero-mesh fabric. Rest assured that our retro shorts are cut to a modern fit so you won’t look like Bird and Magic in 1979, which is a good thing. However, our shorts won’t make you play like them either, which is a bad thing.

Stay tuned since we are constantly expanding our list of partner universities.

Vintage T-Shirts
19nine was founded partly because of our frustration with what was being offered in the collegiate t-shirt market. Everywhere we went, we were sold a 100% cotton t-shirt with a generic logo stamped on it. These shirts had no comfort or design, with no time taken to actually produce something noteworthy.

In the past, your favorite shirt could only be created over time and with multiple washings. Not anymore. 19nine uses the highest quality cotton blended t-shirts available so they have the vintage feel you love and desire the first time you put it on. Along with that vintage feel, our shirts provide a modern fit with the durability of a brand new shirt. Our graphics are a part of our shirt's fabric, perfectly blended for added softness.

We consider our t-shirts to be a personality billboard. Our shirts encourage you to pledge your allegiance to your favorite schools - the traditions, the teams, and the players- past and present.

Officially Licensed
19nine is proud to partner with the leading universities to offer officially licensed apparel for all to wear and enjoy.